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Finding My Birth Mother

Usually, a child will only be able to find a birth parent who wants to be found. Where can an adopted person look to find a birth parent. It can take time to find a birth parent if the caregiver has limited contact with the parent. You might find a birth parent but they don't want to meet you. This is done through advertising or networking with professional contacts, friends and family to find a birth parent. Therefore, sometimes adoptees are cautioned that they may find a birth parent either dead at an early age, in jail or any number of undesirable possibilities. Another thing to realize is that while you may have tended to view adoption as a positive, joyous event, it's important to appreciate the fact that for all your teen's gratitude, he/she may also feel that he/she has "lost" his "natural identity," and as a result, he/she may even begin to express a never-before-articulated desire to find a birth parent or parents. Perhaps they will experience rejection or find a birth parent who needs emotional or financial support they are not prepared to give. "Just because your son or daughter wants to find a birth parent doesn't mean you did something wrong. Supposing one could even get past this point to adopt a child or find a birth parent, there still remains a stark difference between the accepted procedures of such personal issues. If you decide to find a birth parent on your own and then find a suitable agency to set things up as opposed to going through the agency, this can cost you quite a bit less.


While tracing your birth family don't be afraid to ask for counseling to help you work out your feelings during this time. Adoption records are automatically sealed until the adopted child reaches the age of 21.

Such information can be provided to the adoptive parents by the birth parents themselves, or by the agency or attorney handling the adoption.


Birth parents can refuse to allow adoption information to be released, or they can file a Release of Information allowing the records to be opened when the child reaches adulthood. If you have searched the Internet and all the sources you can find and still have not found the information you are seeking, then it is time to purchase complete information resources.


Psychologically speaking many adoptees, have issues and need therapy to deal with the grief and loss they feel at not having been able to grow up with their biological family. Even if they are happy with their place in their adoptive family, they may still be dealing with the effects of their early life experiences. " The researchers found that adoptees search for their birth family because of both a sociological and a biological need.


Many people wonder why anyone would want to find a birth parent that gave them away or abandoned them. But this emotional difficulty must be overcome, if one is to find a birth parent. Many of the stories both from adoptees who want to find a birth parent, and birth parents who want information about the child they surrendered, are heart-breaking while others are very joyfull. These people all had a real need to find a birth parent and I think it take a very strong person to start searching, but the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks in my opinion.Good luck in your journey! Copyrighteccllc2008 David Cormier currently publishes a blog He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology a minor in English and a degree in Fitness & Nutrition from Penn Foster University. Mr Cormier writes articles on various subjects including adoption at Article Source:

How to Search for Birthparents

There are many unfortunate people around, who have been separated from their birth parents at very early age due to some unavoidable circumstances. There are some who spend their whole life in search of their biological parents. So before starting the search one needs to know some basic information on how to find his or her own mother and father.

The first thing you can do is that you may see some one who has found his or her birth parents. It may look like a very easy process, but for few this is not that easy. Biological parents search could be a very hard and lengthy process.

The first step of birth parents search is to find out their names. One can find out the name of birth mother or a birth parent in his or her birth certificate. And if the person does not have the birth certificate, then he or she has to contact at the birth state or city to see if there is an original copy of the birth certificate. If the person knows the place where he or she was born, or the name of the maternity nursing home, or the name of the agency that took care of the personís adoption, then the probability of finding the name of the birth parent increases highly. If this process becomes successful then searching biological parents become much easier.

Incase the adoption records are sealed and the process does not go well, then the other way would be to request and approach the state for non-identifying materials that may help in searching birth parent. Biological parent can be found out with the help of ethnic origins, health records and health status. The online adoption registries and genealogy websites may be of great help in searching biological parents. A person can also learn some information with the help of the reunion registers.

The person who is in search of his or her birth parents must surf the Internet for some relevant information on biological parents search. To look through the Internet one must put the name of the father at the first place. This is because normally men do not change their names. This process will help when someone is doing biological parents search through Internet.

During biological parents search one should also go through the census reports depending on how old their parents would be. Obituary look-ups may also help in biological parents search. Someway if the name appears in the article, by way of relationship or deceased, then the person will have another way to search birth parents. Newspaper or magazine articles in the city may also have the name printed. This way one can find out his or her birth parents from the comfort of the home.

Local library resources are the other tools of birth parents search. With the help of the information gathered from the Internet as well as from the library, birth parents search could be much easier than what it used to be before.

Biological parents search could be a long process and may turn frustrating sometime. But one should be very optimistic when searching for their birth parent. Hope the above-mentioned tips on how to search for birth parents will be of use to those who are searching for their birth parents.

Dave is a freelance writer and a socialist involved in social welfare programs. For more information on how to search for birth parents, he recommends you to visit

Dave is a freelance writer and a socialist involved in social welfare programs. For more information on how to search for birth parents, he recommends you to visit

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